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Plants for sale

  • Palm Trees available at Tropicana

    Palm Trees

    Tropicana has a huge stock matured and ready for sale! Palms available include Bangalo and Al-Bang Palm, Cocos, Cycad, Cotton and Dwarf Date Palm and the famous fully mature Canary Date Palms. Whether it's for landscaping around the pool, screening for privacy, or simply just adding that tropical touch to your surroundings, palm trees are a great tree of choice!
    Contact us for more information.

  • Designer Plants

    Designer Plants

    Check out the range of designer plants available at Tropicana! Plants include Birds Nest Ferns, Cordyline Apple Blossoms, Dracena Tricolour, Dracena Margnata and Spathiphyllum to name a few. Ask our staff to send you a list of all our designer plants available
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  • Grass and Hedges Available

    Grass & Hedging

    We have a great range of popular grasses and hedges to give your garden that special edge!
    From Mini Mondo Grass to Murraya Paniculata we have a variety of stock to suit your requirements. Ask our friendly staff fro more information or click on the below link.
    Contact us for more information.

  • Ferns, Cactus and lots more plants available

    Ferns, Cactus and lots more!

    Tropicana Nursery also houses some old favourites such as Staghorns, Catcus, Household Ferns and more. If you are looking for that special something, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.
    Contact us for more information.



    Below is an example of the variety of Plants Available at Tropicana Nursery.


    90mm Black Mondo Grass 250mm Bangalow Palm
    100mm Mini Mondo Grass 250mm Cordyline Margaret Story
    125mm Pony Tail 250mm Agave attenuate
    140mm Liriope 250mm Pony Tail
    140mm Yucca Desmettiana (Soft Foliage, Purple) 250mm Maginata
      250mm Yucca Elephantipes
    175mm Leather Fern H/Bskt, Full & Lush 250mm Kentia Palm
    175mm Cordyline Apple Blossom 250mm Chamaedorea Seifritzli
    175mm Cordyline Kiwi Pride 250mm Rhapis
    175mm Cordyline Cameroon  
    175mm Cordyline Rubra – Multi Heads 300mm Cocos Palm
    175mm Sanseviera Moonshine 300mm Bangalow Multi
    175mm Kentia Palm 300mm Pony Tail
      300mm Strelitzia Nicolai Multi (- 3 plants 7-8Ft Out of Pot
    200mm Murraya Paniculata 300mm Marginata 6-8ppp AAA
    200mm Strelitzia Reginae 300mm Foxtail Palm
    200mm Cocos Palm  
    200mm Cordyline Rhomba 410mm Pony Tail
    200mm Cordyline Margaret Storey 410mm Magestic Palms
    200mm Cordyline Rubra 410mm Bangalow Palm
    200mm Cordyline Apple Blossom 410mm Cocos Palm
    200mm Agave Attenuata 410mm Golden Cane
    200mm Agave Desmettiana – El Mirador’s Gold 410mm Dwarf Date Palm
    200mm Bangalow Palm 410mm Marginata AAA
    200mm Marginata – 3 Stems, Multi Heads 45 Ltr Livistona Australis
    200mm Magestic Palm 45 Ltr Livistona Natida
    200mm Philodendron Xanadu  
    200mm Spathiphyllum in Flower  
    200mm Dracaena Tricolour, 2/3 Stems, Multi Heads  
    200mm Strelitzia Nicolai  
    200mm Pony Tail (Large Plants)  
    200mm Birds Nest (Nice Plants)  
    200mm Atrovirens  
    200mm Golden Cane Palm  
    200mm Dwarf Date, Double & Triple Planted  
    200mm Rhapis  
    200mm Zamia Furfuracea  
  • Please Contact Us for more information on prices and the stock available.